Sports Betting Champ Review

If you’re a frequent visitor of this blog, you probably know me well by now. If you don’t know me here’s a quick overview. I usually write about betting strategies, I review sports betting agencies, and I also have a popular beginners guide to sports betting online.

What I don’t do a lot of is talk about products that help improve your sports betting online. Why not? I have no idea. But the thinking is that it’s never too late to start! Hence the reason for the Sports Betting Champ Review

Oh I should probably mention that it’s a product that can help you earn ,000 every week betting on sports!

John Morrison who is a Cornell University PhD graduate had created the product and has been making this type of money ever since. Mansions, Ferrari’s, designer stuff, soon followed!

Now if you know something about picking winners you will know that it’s not an easy feat to get high percentages. That’s why his record down below should really come as a shock to you. I would also not question you at all if you doubt it. It does sound almost impossible.

Take a look at his extraordinary record:

  • 2010 MLB season: 42 wins – 1 Loss
  • 2009-10 NBA season: 63 wins – 0 Losses
  • 2009 MLB season: 49 wins – 0 Losses
  • 2008-09 NBA season: 79 wins – 0 Losses

Yeap, that’s 1 loss in 233 games. Impossible? Crazy? Full of Sh**? With the knowledge and know-how of the typical sports punter the above figures are really impossible. There is not a slightest piece of a chance if can be done.

But John did not do this in a traditional way. He says that he’s cracked the code to a mind-blowing NBA and MLB sports betting system, and the run leagues are getting worried!

Obviously with a system like this, he’s not going to spread the word and completely destroy his hard efforts in cracking the code. That wouldn’t be too clever. But that’s not what’s happening here.

Another system that closely resembles this, in that it really works well and who have cracked the code is Google. Around the turn of the century they discovered how to produce mind blowing accurate search engine results. Since then they have guarded their secret with clenched fists. They let you “use” their search engine, but try to figure out how they do it. Not a chance.

John has fine-tuned the sports betting system into just 5 minutes of work. The process is really easy with just 3 steps in total.

  1. John will send you his picks in an email, or he will send some suggestions (that’s if you want to work it out yourself using his system’s picking guidelines)
  2. Jump onto your online sports betting website and place your bets
  3. … Collect your winnings

In just 5 years of sports betting, John has taken away .7 million (USD) using the simple process above. Albeit he’s doing all the hard work crunching the numbers. As a recipient of his sports betting tips you simply make your bets and collect your money.

Sounds like an awesome product right? Check out the Sports Betting Champ website for more information including hand written testimonials from a UFC betting champion, an Academy award winning actor and many many more – as well as video testimonials from quite a few people as well.

He also shows you screenshots of his sports books accounts where he has a pile of cash. This alone will make your mouth water!

After you visit his site could you please do me a favour, if you have the time? If you decide to use John’s system please contact me and let me know how you do. I want to canvas feedback from enough people so that I can write a thorough review of the performance from his system – including my own experiences.


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